Thursday, November 8, 2012

Future Shock

Future Shock.

The problem with this theory is that when it was written in 1965-70, the future had already peaked and was beginning to ebb.  We needn't worry about future shock.  People adapted well, especially children, so this excuse for more top down control was just that, an excuse, and not really a true concern.  But the future wasn't coming at any rate.

The future isn't arriving prematurely.  I arrived over 40 years ago and has since gone home.

Oh sure, laptops, the internet, cellphones, dub step... that was all to come.  But the big stuff was already done.  And no more big stuff was on the way.   The Space Station? Just denouement to the Moon Landings. And it crashed in Australia and it took us 20 years to repeat the attempt.

Watch old episods Johnny Quest.  Jet packs, flying cars, nuclear powered supersonic travel, walking eyes that look like a spider...  All was right around the optimistic corner in 1965. We are still waiting. 

Call me when we get a moon colony that people take vacations to.

Call me when a fusion reactor comes online that produces electricity at a price point less than coal.

Until then, bring on the future shock madness.  

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Soylent Green might turn out to be a Documentary, though.