Sunday, November 11, 2012

Navy Veteran

I was in the Navy, and for some reason about this time I parboil Navy Beans for soup. 

That about covers my contribution to the National Defense.  Reward myself with soup.  Secret ingredient?  Bacon.

I did next to nothing during the Clinton era military contraction.  I wanted to be like OldNFO, but washing out of Navy Aviation was really easy in the days when they wanted to squeeze down the personnel pipeline from water main size to garden hose size.  You had to be better than me to stick.  And lots of people were better than me.  I know, I met them.  They deserve more than soup.


Borepatch said...

What a great post.

Paul said...

Exactly my experience in the RCAF. We called our drawdown F.R.P. (Force Reduction Plan). I made it into jet training before I got my performance review board and C.T. (Cease Training). Never regretted a second of my service though.

Off to the Remembrance Day ceremonies shortly...