Thursday, November 29, 2012


Either the spammers have a more efficient system circumventing blogger or they just 'found' me, but my spam comment rate has gone from a few handful to a few hundred.  Gonna take a while. 

It's easy to find comments I want to keep in the awaiting moderation folder.  They are the ones that aren't Anonymous.

More and more will get through as Google pulls development support for Blogger, I figure  It's a shrinking revenue stream, since everyone knows that blogs are dying out.   Why devote resources to it?  It's like developing new 8 Track tape players these days.  Nice, I guess, but don't knock yourself out.  Fortunes are to be made with CDs, not 8 Tracks!  (in the age of MP3s...)

Hey, remember music videos?  In the 80s and 90s?  Those were great.  You'd still get to watch those on the EmptyVee if you bought more CDs and cassettes.  And that's ok, too, as television is going away, too. 

Hoobody.  I am tired.  Think I will go lay down.  All this top velocity Futuring about makes my old bones tired.  I think I got the Lumbago.  Or is it the Grip? 

Probably... FUTURE SHOCK!

You Glock afficiandos need to get with the times.  Upgrade your gatt to something modern that wasn't designed in the age of bell bottoms and leaded gasoline.  It's an Old Fogey platform.


Crucis said...

That's one reason why I switched to Wordpress last summer and left Blogger behind. I lost support from Google that cut my hitrate in half but it was worth it after having blogger change and change and change with screwup after screwup. I want consistency and I found it with Wordpress.

Plus Wordpress has some nice Spam filtering that's easy to use and implement.

Old NFO said...

Snerk... Good post and I think it's just old age NJT!

Alan said...

Akismet is why I've stuck with wordpress.