Saturday, November 10, 2012

Glowball Warmening

Something occurs...

Ya know, More than 90% of what you, the American people, know about the 'Climate Crisis' was told to you by English majors.  English majors control the narrative. 

"But T-Bolt, I see scientists on the TV and in Time magazine talking about looming Catastrophic Anthropogenic Greenhouse Warmening all the time!"  Maybe.  But they were selected to be presented to you by English majors.  Terry Gross of NPR chose that guy to interview.  The NYTimes editorial staff gave that column to that other guy.  An English major only lets you be exposed to the information you see/hear/read about that they agree with or have been convinced by.

Now expensive public policies regarding Climate Change?  THOSE are rammed down your throat and added to your regulator and tax burden by PoliSci majors...  Who get their information from the English majors and use it to their advantage.

Whatcha think?  I think I'm onto something...

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Bubblehead Les. said...

But keep in mind that the News is brought to you by Journalism Majors, who only get their News from Poli-Sci Major's Press Releases. No Investigating for the Truth is necessary, because they all went to the same schools. I think you are correct, there is a Conspiracy!