Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I put in the paperwork at the FFL on the 4th of February.  FINALLY able to take these home.

So what are they?  Well, one is none and two is one these are two's.  I will be setting them up like my other Commander and Snubbie.

Actually, when finished with customizing them to my preferences, these two might become the primaries.  They feel better dry firing right from the git go.

They came with nice extras.  A galco pocket holsters, a gun rug, the case, and an extra McCormick magazine.  What did I pay for them offa that auction site?  I got a decent deal on the revolver and was taken to the cleaners on the Colt.  But isn't that the way of the world?  It was a semi-panic buy, as I didn't know how the whole MD gun law would shake out.  Still don't know that, but I have a better idea.  This also hits the reset button on the one-gun-a-month deal we have and I can start looking for a stripped lower here in a month.  These were always on my List, but the purchase schedule got pushed way up.

So what changes do I contemplate?  I like XS sights.  Probably go with the little front sight on both.  The bigger sight might be TOO big.  Also, I have a Crimson Trace that the snubbie will wear.  VZ grip for the 1911.  I already swapped out the slide release.  The one that came with gun was one of those huge extended models that lefties do not need.  I'll need to get the ambi safety, too.  Probably leave the grip safety alone.  I have a spare flat mainspring housing I can swap in, too.  I'll need a gunsmith to install the sights on the 1911.  Probably the snubbie too.  Expensive... 


Old NFO said...

Nice set, and that was a good idea! Two IS one! :-)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Left AND Right Handed Holsters on a Good Belt for both.

Why? Because Goblins and Zombies can come from ANY direction.

And the New York Reload, of course.