Friday, March 8, 2013

Safety Conumdrum

I have an associate on what is essentially an internet forum.  He has a very serious problem.

The husband of his nanny is abusive.  Very abusive.  He and his wife recommended to the nanny to go to the police.  She is afraid to for what he might do to her children.  The husband found out about the associate advising his wife and now the nanny's husband is making veiled threats to him and his family.  And if the nanny is afraid the husband would hurt his own children, what deterrent is there to hurt children NOT his own?  He is quite concerned, as you can imagine, and at a loss as to what to do.  And the rest of the forum is perking up with advice.

Now, the forum is heavily Liberal, and the most yakety members certainly are.  The associate in question is Liberal too.  They are telling him to go to the police himself and get his own restraining order, &c.  Like most Leftists they see the State as their protector and custodian. 

So, I know how readers would treat the situation.  We know the implications of what a paper restraining order accomplishes.  In a similar scenario we'd go to the police to get things on record and to get as much help as possible from than angle.  Even a restraining order.  But that's not all we would do.  And we would have no illusion on the effectiveness of only doing that. 

So I piped in and recommended this associate arm himself and to take his and his family's safety as his number one priority and responsibility?

No.  No I didn't.

He, and the other Liberals in the forum, aren't emotionally mature enough to switch gears and thought processes like that overnight.  (good luck finding a gun to buy these days.  plus, I think he lives in Brooklyn.  yeah...)  A total shooting neophyte, buying a gun in a panic, and not even seeking training?  He'd be lucky to get the right ammo.  The time to acquire a gun for this emergency was last year before their was any pressing possible need for one.

I kept my silence.  If I had piped up and revealed this truth the whole place would vapor lock and devolve down to PSH over gun control.  They wouldn't listen.  Instead they'd bunker in, mentally, dig in their heels. and be less likely alter their thought processes.  It would be hijacked into a political thing.  Fools.

Sorry, buddy.  This is the bed you all made and now you have to lie in it.

Gunnies on this forum are in the minority, but we are not unknown.  Especially lately.  If he sent me a private message I'd render the best advice I could.  But otherwise he'd not listen.


Nathan said...

You are right on many levels. A person cannot go from zero to sixty too quickly. If you ever have the opportunity you may use this situation to point out that the time to exercise one's rights does not begin at the moment they are imperiled.

If you want to offer practical adivce he can use now, you might talk about situational awareness (including Col. Cooper's Color Code) and beig less predictable. Emphasize that predators attack when you are most distracted (getting the mail, getting in and out of the car with kids, etc.)

Sean D Sorrentino said...

Just tell him to buy a shotgun. Then take that shotgun out on to the deck and fire two blasts.

Buy a shotgun!

skidmark said...

Send him over here

While it's geared mostly for the already awre, a complete neophyte can learn a few things that just might keep them out of the hospital.

Then send him to . He can decide to get the book if he wants to learn in depth.

Door & window alarms for the home, personal body alarms for everybody in the family that can walk. Cheap cell phones as back-up for calling 9-1-1.

Written warnings to schools, day care, sports & other kids' activities 1) about the guy making threats (photos if possible) and specific, written instructions to not release kids to anybody a short list (parents, maybe 1 or 2 trusted friends who are aware of the threats).

Maybe these if he can stand the strength of the hint.

OR - he could become a member of Congress or the Cabinet and get Secret Service protection. (Sorry, just had to thow that in there.

stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Isn't asking a question sometimes the best way to introduce an unwelcome topic to a hostile audience? Could it plant a seed of doubt in their established opinion without raising their hackles?

Old NFO said...

Any bets on a death pool for him???

MSgt B said...

I probably would have brought up the gun thing and let it all devolve into PSH.
You're the better man.

Is it totally irrational that the fact that you keep spelling Conundrum as Conumdrum just bugs the ever-loving crap out of me?

Peace and Love,
The Grammar Nazi