Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If the Magazine Limit Passes

Well, people that go with idea that "two 9mm rounds in a bad guy is better than one .45" will probably switch to .45s.  A 10 round limit gives a slight edge to Smith and Wesson.  The M&P .45 takes 10 round magazines, while the Glock 21 has a 13 rounder.  I'm sure Glock would quickly produce a gimped 10 round mag for it.  The 7 round limit in New York state is a boon to Kimber and every other 1911 maker.

People will practice more instead of relying on the extra rounds, which we should be doing anyway, stressing shot placement.

Expect more new fangled guns to come out like the XD slim. 

People will buy 10 round 1911 mags and Barney the pistol so they carry 10+1 in the gun.  Plus spare mags.

It might be a good idea to frequently carry a BUG.  Back up gun.  A New York reload.  Maybe more than one in a backpack or courier bag or fanny pack. 


So keep that in mind, Gun Banners.  I bet one or more of those suggestions will give them the vapors, but leftists have never been very good at thinking about the unintended consequences of their actions.  The surge in gun sales and new gun developments will hurt their feeling the most.  ("But we passed more gun control!  How can the sales have gone UP?!")


Bubblehead Les. said...

So if I carry a Pistol that is only allowed to hold 10 rounds, and I can't carry a Mag that hold 15, that means if I carried a Glock 19 (15+1 Standard), plus 2 spares of 15 each, that comes to 46 rounds in 9mm.

But under the New Standard, for the same Glock, I can load it with 10+1, and carry three 10 round spare magazines, I get 41 rounds of 9mm.

But if I carry a Standard 1911 (7+1), then I need the Pistol, One Mag in it, and FIVE more on the belt to get to 42 rounds total of .45acp.

So which is Cheaper, a New 1911, Ammo and 6 magazines, or 4 Ten round magazines for a Glock one already owns?

Which just shows that Magazine Capacity Limits are FRACKIN' STUPID!

Marty said...

Glock already makes 10 round mags for the .45 model 21. I have a couple of them.