Friday, March 1, 2013

Turf war

So the MD Lt. Gov had a 'Town Hall' meeting to discuss gun control in a Google Hangout, with a link to participate and everything.

A co-worker did the legwork to put in his 2 cents.  When the town hall was going on he was in the chat room to give our Poltical Better a piece of his mind.

Except the chatroom was separate.  There WAS one, but it was nothing but a select gun-banning friendlies.  The unwashed masses weren't given access to participate.  The link to the forum was a sham.  DEMOCRACY IN ACTION!  He took a screenshot to document the farce.  Click to embiggenate.

Then he went over to his 3D printer to make a bunch more AR lowers and magazines.  That's what you GET astroturfers.  Pre-passage civil disobedience.  Post passage, too.

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