Thursday, January 9, 2014


You know, call me prejudiced and whatnot, but when I saw the picture of the suspect of a person with a 'Weapons Cache' in beeYOOtiful downtown Glen Bernie, I immediately thought, "yeah, prolly guilty."

In other news, I am buying more shares of companies that do tattoo removal services.

Glen Bernie is a lovely bedroom community local to Baltimore city.  I gt there for steamed crabs in the summer, but rarely try to stay after dark. There might be one or two meth users in the vicinity.

No pictures of the junk on the bunk for this fine upstanding citizen.  His cache was bombs and bomb making materials, apparently.  If they were guns I'm sure a picture of all 3 of them would be prominent.

- Update: My friend's coworker's sister's cousin knows the suspect. Word is, he blew off his hand. More to come if I learn any more scuttlebutt. But that'd be a good way to get your cache busted. Present at an ER minus one hand and with a convoluted story on how that all went down...

- Update 2:  Pictures of the materials in a slideshow here.  Including a flare launcher, a muzzle loading rifle, and what looks like a Mac 10 or Uzi, or parts thereof.

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Murphy's Law said...

The firearm shown in picture 9 is neither Uzi or MAC. Judging by the small curved magazines, it's probably a .22lr.