Tuesday, January 7, 2014


So they fired Hannity on the Washington DC AM radio and put Michael Savage in his place.  Hannity was kinda poor quality, and I dunno if this Savage character is much better.  Sean was a bit of a metrocon, what is this Savage character like?

I used to play a game with Hannity.  During pledge week at NPR, when my OPFOR Intel was down, I'd listen to Hannity.  Turn the radio off the 3rd time he said the word 'literally'.  He rarely made it to 3:10.

Does Savage have any foibles like that? 


Old NFO said...

Dunno, don't listen to them anyway... :-)

Murphy's Law said...

I just caught that today too and was going to blog on it. Hannity was annoying but Savage is an attention whore who changes his position on pretty much everything as soon as he determines that it's in his personal interest to do so. He's all about self-promotion, pushing his self-published books at every turn, and taking credit for anything good that ever happened in the history of America. I'm not sorry to see Hannity gone, but this guy is even worse. He's a joke masquerading as a conservative. (Research him under his true name, Michael Weiner...I'm not kidding.) Mark Levin lays it all out pretty well and he smacks Savage around regularly. Thanks for nothing, WMAL.