Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MD Implications From NY

Ok, so a Federal Judge ruled the state of New York's gun bans partly constitutional, partly not.  A ban on assault weapons (whatever those are...) is fine, but a ban on magazines that hold more than 7 rounds is problematic.

So, fine.  That's them.  What does that mean for me.  Because Maryland passed something similar last Spring.  Let's assume the trend continues and the courts stay consistent... (heh)  "Gun ban good...  Mag ban bad".  Where does that leave me when that kind of ruling happens in my state?

Well, you see, that depends.  Maryland banned a whole bunch of AR15s.  Verboten. With one exception.  The Heavy Barrel AR, or HBAR, is ok.  For shooting varmints and whatnot.  But these are lawyers writing laws without really knowing anything about guns.  I don't think they realize how easy that HBAR I theoretically bought today (I won't be) I can sell that upper to make some cash, and buy a nice .50 Beowolf and a .300 Blackout or a 5.56 anything from a catalog house.

Also, M1As are banned, but AR10s are not.  Heh.  Yeah, I don't know what they are thinking, but I am not calling them on the phone and sending them a link to this blog post. They will get around to AR10s, I bet, someday.  It was an oopsie they could probably pass when they have a mind to.  But I preferred the M1A...  It does make me want to buy an AR10, tho.

As for the magazine ban, well that court decision doesn't help us either.  The Attorney General would argue that a new ruling is not needed as our ban is on 10 rounders, not 7, and that is totally different.  Also, unlike New York, if I am caught with an 11+ round magazine in my range bag the consequences are:  nothing.  I can blow $80 in Virginia buying ten 30-round AR PMAGs and hit the range here in Maryland on State Trooper Appreciation Day and we'd all have a great time putting holes in paper.  Do that in New York right now and it'd turn out different, I think.


Old NFO said...

My recommendation? MOVE... Fixes ALL the issues...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Move where? Virginia is going to be worse than Maryland in a couple years.