Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What keeps me in .40?

Inertia, really.

My goals of ammo inventory simplification and an effective potential CCW round and an abhorence and prejudice of the Euro-pellet had me selecting .40 over 9mm or both and now that I am here, I am stuck by inertia.

If T-Bolt could send a message back in time to T-Bolt 7 year ago, what would that message say?  Well, I'd say to stick with only .38 and .45.  Buy the Pocket Hammerless, but don't get wrapped around the axle with the .380.  Just a coupla boxes is no big deal to keep around.  And if you insist, INSIST, on another semi-auto caliber...  just go with 9mm.  No .40.   At the very least, it's cheaper, and you can still keep yer dang precious .45....

...Oh, and don't bother with shotguns.  Just get one double 12 gauge with a sling and be done with it.  Pumps and semi's would just take up space.

...And just get the 10/22 and be done with it.

So yeah.  Until they invent the time machine email...  Stupid, I know, but sorta stuck.  I'll get out of the rut someday.

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