Saturday, April 26, 2014

Glock H8r!

I'm one of those Glock haters. 

Well hate is a strong word.  I don't take to them.  When I started shooting and tried a plethora of firearms the model I shot the worst was the Glocks.

Everyone blames the grip angle.  Maybe that's it.  I dunno.  All I know is it made a target that didn't look too good in the first place, look worse.

Well, I've improved a bit, in shooting skill.  I still don't shoot the Glock well, but I shoot it better than before.  But there are other problems with the Glock.  The slide release is in the wrong place.  Unlike the 1911 where it is right there, perfect for a left trigger puller.  Sure, you can clamshell the Glock, but I like to have an option.

I noticed this because another buddy got a Glock 19 recently and it was used and it had a slightly different looking slide release that drew my attention. 

That's not the only pistol that has given me fits with it's OS.  The Sig250 was setup weird, too.  And unfriendly to lefties. 

Yup, the only thing wrong for lefties with a 1911 is the safety and the fact that slide release has a rounded end that sits proud on the right hand slab side of the receiver.  The slide release is otherwise perfect for the index finger, and mag release perfect for the social finger.  For us. 


Mad Saint Jack said...

I like the factory extended slide release that came on my 17L enuff to buy one for my 26. It is very easy for me to use, and I am unpracticed with my left hand.
Extended mag release had to go away.

hazmat said...

Amen from a lefty (handed that is) shooter. I've been using my middle finger to release the mag on a semi pistol since I fired my first one back '96, and using the index finger on the same hand to release the slide. Instinctive now. I cannot buy a bone stock M1911 at all because of the thumb safety, I have to either buy the upgrade with the ambi-safety or do the work myself. And forget Crimson Trace. Wanted one for years, but they're a no-go for a lefty on just about any pistol.

Of all the different pistols I've fired, I find the Sig P22X series the least accommodating to left handed shooters.