Friday, April 25, 2014

Glock Vs.

We know Glock has a pretty dominating market share in US police departments.  Let me look it up, as I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I remember it being more than 50%.  (Glock claims 65%)

It makes me wonder, do they dominate the EU in the same way?  Or is Sig more popular across the pond?  Or more popular in some countries, but not others?  FN in Belgium, or are they just contrary and all carry Smith and Wesson...  I bet the Italians carry Berettas, the Swiss and Germans carry Sigs, the Austrians carry Glocks.  Let me google that for me...

Meh, initial google results are full of idiocy.  Surprise, surprise. "Glock Sig M&P Beretta" with no percentages, and for US departments only.  The best list was here, about 2/3s down, which bears out Glock-Sig-M&P-Beretta, in that order.  Nothing on Yoorip, tho. 

Every Brit TV show seems to show their constables with Sigs.  But that is hardly a scientific survey.

(Despite the fans of the 1911 liking the platform, I can totally understand why few police departments use it as an issue gun.  I can see what an department armorer's headache it would be just from taking the basic course.  If your precinct/department/county/whatever has a great armorer, knock yourself out.  Never let that guy retire or call in sick, tho.)

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