Tuesday, April 29, 2014

VZ grips, again

I have spent a lot of money on VZ Grips.  I'm a repeat offender.  And I bought a set at the NRA convention.  Save shipping that way.  My favorite texture is the smooth 320S.  It's called 'smooth' because it is smoother than their more textured micarta grips, but don't thing they are slick or slippery.  The grip in a wet oily hand is still very positive.

I would get the slim grips, but something I learned before my 1911 Gunsmith/Armorer class...  The regular non slim grips have a function.  They ride up high enough to provide some support with it's 'ear' to the plunger tube in the event it starts to get loose.  If it DOES ever get loose, you are in a world of hurt, as you won't be able to release the thumb safety.

Though maybe I am over thinking the panacea.  The plunger term still has room to get loose enough and lock up the thing.  It just has less chance of falling off the gun with the support from the scales.  At least it sounds like it often feels funny a bit before it fails.  Hopefully with enough time to diagnose and address the problem.   

Forgot to mention....  The smooth gips are less painful on the skin, if your holster leather doesn't shield you from it.  IWB holster.

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