Wednesday, March 16, 2016



A buddy had a P229 that I shot a magazine through.  I was way better with it than with the 1911 of mine.  So I got one.

With a Double Action Kellerman trigger.  In .40. 

This was years and years ago.  I have come to regret it.

I mean it's no worse than a Smith & Wesson snubbie DA trigger.  By my lights.  But why would I want that? 

I mean, it works fine, after a fashion.  I just wish I had gotten something else back then.

Live and learn.  And I have learned a lot since getting it.

Why did I shoot it so well as a n00b for the first string?  Probably because I didn't know it and didn't know where the break was, so it surprised me.  Always a good thing.  But that effect doesn't last and you are gonna have to develop a better trigger pull anyway, T-Bolt.

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