Friday, March 25, 2016

MD Gun Control 2016

This year the legislature seems to be pushing hardest to make Maryland residents that are on the Terror Watch List (versus the small subset on the OHMYGAWD Don't Let THAT Guy On A Plane, list) prohibitted from buying or possessing firearms

Probably will pass, because Maryland, but 2A groups are looking askance at it and calling their Reps, &c.

Obviously problematic, and we all went over this a year ago when Everytown floated this balloon originally.  It's a secret government list.  No one knows who is on it, how you get on it, how you get your good name cleared if you are on it wrongly, and we do know that people have been put on it mistakenly many times in the past.

Rights are denied without due process.

Whatever.  So, say it passes.  How does it work, keeping guns out of List Members hands?  Do the Feds share that list with the Maryland Attorney General?  Maybe, but I half doubt it.  If they DID share do such a low level as a crappy corrupt state org, then eventually that list will get leaked to regular people, and broadly disseminated.  So, there may be an upside to this.  In the meantime, Maryland gun-banners are nibbling at the edges and may be wasting their time just churning up the crab butter.

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Glenn B said...

A friend and coworker of mine was denied boarding while in the Caribbean somewhere because "his" name was on the list. I took over a day to get him cleared to fly home. He was a federal agent at the time but that mattered not since his name, as common as John Smith, was on the list. It took calls from our headquarters in DC to have him cleared to fly. He got two extra nights at his vacation spot at his expense and a last minute hotel without a reservation was quite expensive. It's a great list.