Sunday, March 20, 2016

Everytown likes this guy's numbers

Seems to be a HuffPo Butter.  Really likes his guns, clearly, and claims to be an FFL dealer.  He also really seems to dislike that you and I have the same guns.  Haven't quite figured him out. 

He might be trying to blaze a narrow trail and threading the needle between the Scylla of the pro-gun rights people, and the Charybdis of the gun-banners.  Claiming to be fact based.  (hey, how about THAT mixed metaphor?)

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Jerry The Geek said...

I read a lot of negatives, not many positives, in that specific screed. A "Gun Guy" might have made an effort to provide a balanced outlook, and WOULD have been less eager to propose the 'everybody' use the gun-grabber interpretation rather than going to the source.

And no, I didn't comment at the source website. Not interested in flame wars, except the really interesting ones, at SALON.