Friday, August 23, 2019


You whip out a knife, and someone gets the absolute vapors.  As if you whipped out a grenade pin in a room full of sergeants and said "Ooops"

Tam mentioned it.

And it's happened to me.  Even an inch and half mini bladed pen knife.  They act as if I yanked out my junk.  (Slight size disparity between the two.  But only slight.)

I did an informal poll at work though.  I am the only one that's ever run across this!   "What are you talking about, T-Bolt."

Aw c'mon!  Makes me wonder if they had ever even showed it in public (again, a PENKNIFE).  So I assigned them homework.  And report back.


kotetu said...

I came over from GunFreeZone.

In Texas my ZT350 bothers no one, even when I have needed to use it in public.

In California people tend to lose their minds even when we're hiking.

Windy Wilson said...

I have a standard six-blade Swiss Army knife. Right now it's a Tourist, I have carried Spartans and Tinkers, which differ only between the corkscrew and the T-handle Phillips screwdriver. My ex was creeped out the time we were on Malibu pier and there was a pelican on the pier tangled in some fishing line (and a couple of hooks), so I used my Swiss Army knife to easily and bloodlessly separate the bird from the fishing line.