Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Trip to Gilberts

I got free range time at Gilbert Guns. It's a range near my house and they offered a "go free for a week" deal to my dealer, Engage, if you bought a gun in November or December. Gilbert sells guns, but their main attraction is the range. Last time I checked it was a bit pricy and the range near work is much cheaper. $200 versus $300. One is a couple miles form my house, one is a couple miles from my work.

They also make you buy their ammo to shoot at their range, and that is priced retail for the Fiocchi brand.

But still, I did want to check them out and report on it.

It's a nice range, and you can shoot up to .308 rifle ammo there. Maybe twice as many lanes as OnTarget. It's where I went to test the Sig in the report a few days back and I went back just to practice some with the 1911 a couple days after.

The staff is very nice. I haven't met a jerk, yet, that worked at a gun store.

I wasn't pleased with the Fiocchi ammo. It didn't quite fit into any of my Springfield factory magazines. Like they were a hair too wide in diameter. Huh. They fit fine in the McCormick mags, though, so I used them for this test. Anyway, that gives me a bad feeling about that ammo brand.

That reminds me... I have to test Wolf ammo. Steel cased and $5 cheaper, but some guns don't like the type.

Anyway. Here is a typical target from the .45 at 25 feet:

Yup, the all so familiar down and right. The group is tight. For me.


Jay G said...

Doesn't look too shabby from here, Boss!

We can't all be Breda, you know...

Tam said...

That's weird, because Fiocchi makes quality stuff, and Springfield's factory mags are actually made by Metalform...