Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cooper Sez

Jeff Cooper says: “Having nothing to lose, I am going to climb out on a loose limb and make a horrifying statement. To wit: group size is spinach.”

Well! So if I center my group, seen below, I should shrug off the tightening and let that happen naturally. And for that I may receive the blessings of Colonel Cooper, as long as I train and concentrate on other aspects? Works for me.

Other aspects:
Mindset, including a calm and ready mind.
Smooth deliberate holster draw.
Gaming scenarios, internally. Exits. Escape routes. If A happens now, I will do B, if C happens then D and E.

Though I have a feeling if I fix that group by shifting to center that’ll mean my trigger squeeze is better and that’ll mean my groups will tighten of their own accord.

One day… One day… That little red spot in the middle of the Shoot N See target will be afraid of me. Fear me, Spot!!! Your days? They are numbered!


The Saj said...

Nice group...

What distance was that at?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

25 ft

pax said...

Nice group. :)

Are you left-handed?