Tuesday, December 9, 2008

CCW Requirement

Ok, in order to get my CCW Permit from Utah, I need to send them a Blue and White fingerprint card. Easy, right? To Protect and to Serve. The police will help. My local constabulary depot looked at me like I was talking French, and they told me to leave and never darken their door again.

'You cain't git that here.'

So... suggestions?

I don't HAVE a blank card. It wasn't included in my package.


Brad K. said...

I would trace this one out. Because the person on the desk is unfamiliar with the question, doesn't mean they aren't responsible for helping.

Alternatives if you were asking here - the tag agency / DMV
- My local bank
- the county sheriff
- local armed forces recruiter

Information to ask about why the local constabulary was unhelpful
- attorney
- gunshop or shooters group
- contact the NRA

If all else fails, apply to the CIA, FBI, or ATFE for work, and ask if you can keep a copy of your fingerprints. Heck, maybe even the Secret Service is hiring in Utah!

I don't think I would call President-elect Obama for assistance. But the US Senators for Utah might, or the Congressman for your district.

Anonymous said...

ATF web stie, you can order the blank federal gubermint fingerprint cards for free. and go to local state police or sherrif or police and ask to be fingerprinted.

Note, you can also get Curio and Relic license forms for free too, and gun records forms if you start buying and selling guns.

James R. Rummel said...

Both Brad K and Anonymous gave good advice.

I would like to add that Florida CCW packets are free on request, and they include a blue and white fingerprint card.


Bob S. said...


You also might want to inquire if the state will accept electronic transmitted fingerprints.

There are companies that scan your fingerprints and them them straight to the state. It's easier, faster and has a lower chance of being rejected.

Mulligan said...

TX packet came free with print cards and the classroom had what appeared to be a stack of blanks when I did my class time.

I generally have better results getting my 'gunnie' legal questions addressed by the atf than the local leo phone crew.

The Armed Canadian said...

I believe the fingerprint cards used in Virginia are blue-and-white. You can even get them to fill it out for you for a few dollars (cash only) at the Police Annex at the Fairfax Courthouse.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I think I found a place. A Passport Photo store has them. The State Police do them, but only on Thursday between 9:30 and 1. Virginia does it 9-3 (or something) all week, but I can't get to Virginia.

If this plan fails, I'm checking with my gunstore. They do lots of Class III, so they'll know.

aepilot_jim said...

Another option is any company doing aviation charter business. Check your local airport FBO. All employees have to get a background check there and they usually have someone who does that. They have a fingerprinting station there.

Mike W. said...

Good luck! Utah is usually pretty good about processing applications and getting your permit to you quickly.

Crucis said...

Our local Sheriff no longer uses fingerprint cards. They've gone digital. They don't have fingerprint ink anymore either!

Scanning is the NEW way, don't cha know?