Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reciprocity Map

Conceal carry reciprocity map.

I wonder how well this is updated?

But if you dig around in that site you can find links to the text of various state laws and find out the specifics before a visit. Like "What constitutes a restaurant in that state I am visiting next month, and hence can carry, and what constitutes a bar, where I can't. Do they recognize MY out of state permit or not there?" Important stuff. Stuff to NOT mess up.

For instance, I thought WVA would accept a Utah Non Residential Permit. They do not.


West, By God said...

WV is working on reciprocity... they are only now getting up to speed.

The map seems relatively up to date though, since FL and SC only recently inked a reciprocity agreement, and it is noted on the site. Likewise WV and SC even more recently got their reciprocity in order, and that also shows up.

aepilot_jim said...

You should check out Good site with up to date info for the most part.