Friday, December 5, 2008

SIG December Range Report

I took the new SIG P229 SAS DAK .40 caliber out for a real test drive, and to check my skills with it. Now referred to as 'the Sig' until I get a Mosquito P22.

Summary: Not bad.

I still love the trigger. It's smooth with no change in the pull weight throughout the travel, unlike my revolver or, even more severe, MBtGE's Beretta .40. I sorta compared it to the Glock before. It's not like the Glock trigger. I played with MBtGE's Glocks, too, on hunting day. The Glock trigger is lighter and feels... different... to me. Plastic. Glock trigger action just doesn't suit me. Personal preference. Anyway, here is the first target of a serious range session:

Lost concentration on those 2, didn't I? But look! SIX in the 10-Ring! I never get that many bullseyes.

And the second target is almost as good:

According to the 'scoring for qualification' instructions on the target, I'd get 5 points for any in the 10, 9, or 8 ring, and 4 points for that single in the 7 ring. I guess I'd qualify if this was the Police Academy or whatever.

I tried some shoot-and-see targets, just to, you know, see, on the last target:

3 flyers. Getting tired, maybe. Still good.

Note the flaw is still low and right, even when shooting well. Less so with this gun. Yay. I think it's the trigger that helps the most. It smooth enough, even enough, and long enough and it surprises me more. Surprise is the key. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Update: All targets were set at 25 feet


Anonymous said...

How far away were the targets?

Bob S. said...


Good shots, what distance were you shooting from?

Anonymous said...

We need to go to the range so I try that bad boy!

Mike W. said...

What caliber is the P229 DAK?

I'll be shooting mine tomorrow!