Sunday, December 28, 2008

What did ya'all git?

For Christmas that is?

The gun related item I got was a book. Not just ANY book. A book from way back in the hoary mists of time. The 1950's!!!

The New OFFICIAL GUN BOOK Fifth Edition ~ 1954-55

I love this kind of stuff. The book smell old and musty. The pictures are black and white and of that era. People target shoot in suits. With ties.

It's like reading the 50 year old Guns Magazine editions. And you know how I like them.


They talk about ONE DAY, maybe, the Garand will be available through the Department of Civilian Marksmanship. But probably not. Too advanced a rifle, you see.

There is no general cartridge that can really do better than the .30-06 (still valid), but if there IS, it will be the .22 Hornet or .250-3000 Miracle. And we all know how popular those are, here, 50 years later.

The military has a new round out that is a short .30-06. It looks to be pretty decent. Called the .308.

Reloaders use their gut to wildcat new loads. Scroo that dang slide rule thingy. Won't tell you nuffin'.

They guess there are a few pistol available in Europe. The Luger. The Hi Power. That old Mauser thing. But that's about it. Why would you want a gun from there? They lost the war.

Except Mauser rifles. DANG good rifles. May even become popular with hunters, those bolt action types. Never be more popular than the lever actions.

"How to start a one man ammunition factory." Reload at home? Hmm...

Plenty of good stuff, too. Like how to use a sling and assume the standard military firing positions for target shooting your rifle.

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Gun related: Electronic, sound suppressed, shooters muffs and a K-Bar!