Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gun Laws

There are 2 types of people that pass gun laws that are ineffective at their stated purpose of alleviating crime and instead target the law abiding.

The first are tyrants that will lie cheat and steal to gain power of you and enslave as many as possible. They have a thirst for power and will wield said power with malice. These people are in the minority. I say this not just because I am optimist and believe that at heart, Americans are good and decent and NOT monsters, but because if these power hungry dictators weren’t a minority their boots would already be on our necks, literally and figuratively, and none of us would have a firearm.

The other type are the decent folk that just want to DO something to help. They pass ineffective laws out of naivete or cynically, either way they appear to be DOING something about a concern and the people clamoring for a solution wrongly give them props and credit for trying.

To this second group of people (both the passers and the clamorers) we need to convey a simple message:

Stop passing gun laws. They target only the law abiding at this point and do nothing to alleviate current levels of violence. Start enforcing current criminal laws, and keep violent predators out of circulation, and you will achieve your desired result of less gun violence.

When your duly elected rep starts spouting off about a new gun restriction call them up and simply ask "Why are you going after me instead of going after criminals?" They'll say they are, but that is easy to contradict with facts.

People that say new gun laws will cut gun crime are lying. They are knowingly disseminating provable falsehoods more than 90% of the time.

  • Guns in the home 43 times more likely to injure you than stop a crime? Kellerman lied.
  • Guns weren’t common in our nations heritage so the current prevalence of firearms is an anomaly promulgated by a rich gun industry lobby? Bellesiles lied about the history and was stripped of his academic awards. The firearm industry is NOT that rich in this country and the NRA is strong because of small donor members.
  • If conceal carry is passed the state will have Dodge City shoot out because of arguments over parking spaces? Well despite warning that hasn’t happened in the 30+ states it has been tried, and the Old West shootout myth is a Hollywood construct and a lie in itself. Dodge City’s crime rate was a lot lower than assumed.
  • Criminals, mass murderers, and 9-11 terrorists bought their weapons at wholly unregulated gun shows, so gun shows need to be banned? Lies. Gun show dealers run the same checks as in their stores. The 9-11 terrorists used box cutters, and the VaTech shooter bought his gun at a store. Gun Show Loophole laws would only impact private sales, person to person, inside and outside of gun shows. Gun Show Loophole laws’ purpose are back door registration for later tracking and confiscation when a more.
  • Etc.


JB Miller said...

Don't forget DC v Heller.

All the lies about the second amendment NOT being an individual right.

Anonymous said...

Don't you live in MD? MD is really bad in terms of banning and restricting.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I do live in MD. I had to berate my representatives when they tried to pass ammo serialization this year.

I asked him "Why are you going after me instead of going after criminals?"

But he's a Democrat, so that had meager impact.

Then I told him how much this lobbiest, who owned the patent, would profit if he did the lobbiest bidding.

THAT got him.