Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fun Show Past

So, I missed the Fun Show a coupla weekends ago. Ah well.

Reason? The money burn has been heavy prior to the election, and the election results have boosted prices. There is nothing that I HAVE to have. I am prepared gear-wise. As prepared as can reasonably be expected. And my next focus is training and practice and accessories. Including a class in a this weekend.

How's that?

It's still fun to go and look, but I was there earlier in the year. And even then there was nothing on my list to acquire. It's a HUGE headache to get all the ducks in a row to buy a simple shotgun and get it back to Maryland, all legal. I don't know how FFL dealers can keep track of the Byzantine layers of regulations involved.

I picked up my 2009 gun last Friday. More than a year before I will be willing to fork over any dough I don't ALREADY have in folding money in my pocket at that time. In other words, only SUPER-bargains. $700 guns offered for $199. That sort of thing. Highly unlikely and irresistible deals. For real this time. The gun cabinet is nigh full. If I have to I'll start alternating the long guns: barrel down, barrel up, etc. It shouldn't get any worse than that. Look at the Master List, after all. Not a lot on there. This side of a Mega Million Lottery win.


bmayer said...

Hmm. Not so sure I would be setting any rifle down on its barrel unless it has a flash hider or similar. Setting a barrel on end is a good way to screw up the crown, which renders your rifle useless until you get the crown recut.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Not a problem on a padded safe bottom. In fact it may be safer for the crown, as nothing can drop on it.