Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Utah Conceal Carry Permit?

Utah is one of the few states that issues out of state CCW permits. And quite a few state reciprocate with Utah. If you have a Utah permit, it's as good as having a Virginia or Pennsylvania permit in those states.

It still wouldn't count for Maryland. You have to be friends with O'Malley or Mikulski to get a permit in MD. Or there are several police report documented threats against you. If you know Babs, you get the permit in a week. If a street gang in your neighborhood wants to kill you it takes about 8 months.

Other ways to get a permit in MD. Be a cop. Be a armored car driver. Carry large amounts of cash for your business. Transport a lot of firearms for legitimate purposes. Be a foreign national with God-knows what crimes in your home country but work for an embassy here.

Florida issues out of state, but they are much more expensive. Easier to get though, as FL doesn't require a training certificate. I have a training cert for Utah. Utah coast $65.25 and less to renew every 5 years.

Oddly, Florida doesn't accept Utah out of state permits. Probably want that permit money for themselves. Once across the Potomac I could carry a pistol in my sock all the way through to Arizona, or from PA through to Indiana and south from there.

YOU can carry in Alaska and Vermont, if you owned a gun. In Alaska, preferrably a BIG gun. Don't end up like Grizzly Man.


The Saj said...

I am going to be trying to get my Connecticut CCW Permit.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

CT is a may issue state. I think I have just cause though. I own a house. And we've had several incidents with a convicted Federal felon.

So if that does not justify a permit I will sue the state of Connecticut. (Who knows, maybe the NRA will take it up as an incorporation cause.)

Brigid said...

I'm in a workgroup this week with some fellows that were interested in CCW's from friendlier states than their own, and I mentioned Utah.

Thanks for the info. I'll pass it on tomorrow.