Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Xmas List

Gunnie xmas lists.

Seems like Ahab started something with his Christmas List, and I wanted to post my list here.

1. For my Utah CCW to come before January 20th.
2. A scope mount for the M1A. The expensive kind.
3. An ACOG scope to go with that mount. (I just saw I Am Legend, and I liked his ACOG. I’m fickle though and it will be EOTech next week, I am sure. (The EOTech is less capable, but 1/3rd the price))
4. A gun company to come back with a new and improved Marlin Camp Carbine style rifle in .45ACP. Or for me to get my head screwed on right when it comes to carbines.
5. For HarryBarryNancy to spend a lot of effort pushing through relatively week anti-gun legislation, and ultimately fail to pass anything and cause a backlash and rollback in 2010-11

And that doesn’t include re-loading equipment! But really, do I need another time consuming hobby? I’ll resist re-loading until I am desperate for affordable pistol ammo. I should add to the list “HarryBarryNancy magically comes around on guns and release US Surplus ammo and M-14’s for CMP sale.”


Tam said...

I don't know that I'd call the EOTech "less capable" than an ACOG, as they're different horses for different courses.

Is a Corvette less capable than an F-350? Depends on what you want to use it for...

Tam said...

(Heh. And then you have to ask "Which ACOG?", since they make a blue million different ones for various tasks...)