Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Linky Love

I am low on blog fodder, but luckily there have been some astoundingly good writing lately I can now link to and look like I actually have content.

Seriously, read these:

Bore Patch has committed to keyboard some thoughts I shared, but hadn't rolled around in my head enough to convey. And I'd never have 'splained as well as he has. It's a theory on why smarties still try to institute Socialism in spite of all the universal evidence that it leads to negative outcomes.

Sailor Curt has a similar bit. He concentrate on what rights actually ARE. (Hint, if someone else has to PROVIDE the 'right', chances are, it ain't. A right.)

And here is some predictions on what next years world wide meltdown and apocalypse will be like. I don't know if I concur, but I'm not the optimist the author is.

All 3 talk about how smart people don't necessarily have sense to go along with smarts. Up there. In there think-place. Head! It's the head where the thinking goes on.


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Borepatch said...

Thanks for the kind words (and the link), T-Bolt.

BTW, I'd like to chat, but I didn't see an email address on your page. Could you please email me at borepatch at gmail dot com?