Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Real Life Intrudes

I am glad I stopped buying guns. This year.

Looks like gun money may have to go to a new computer. The one I have is showing its age and starting to get the creeping senility. And it's not good when your computer can't remember stuff. You know what this means? Whenever I need to upgrade, but BEFORE I can, a bunch of new must-have computer games come out.

And with a new computer comes a new monitor. And a new digi cam. And that TV isn't getting any younger.

And I've had this mattress since 1991... Lotta memories tied to that mattress. Should I continue?


Bob S. said...

Start backing up information now, if you are anything like me; about a month after you upgrade you'll remember another piece of information, picture, file that you should have pulled off.

My laptop is on it's last legs so I know the feeling, unfortunately life intrudes here also. I've been reduced to 32 hours a week at work for a while. 20% cut in pay means no new lap top for my birthday. It's survivable, just not a lot of fun.

Thinking of a desktop or a laptop as a replacement?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Souped up desktop.