Sunday, May 24, 2009

National Park Carry / Credit Card Reform Law

What a horrible law, just signed by the President. I am disgusted by the over-reach and the victimization of the innocent, the people that follow the rule of law.

I’m referring to Credit Card part. The gun part is great. I’m not looking forward to paying interest on a tank of gas as soon as I put the nozzle back on the pump. Or the yearly fees that will also probably come about.

Allowing CCW in National Parks is a no brainer. The outburst of shirt rendering from the left side of the blogosphere, reacting to it, is more entertaining than anything on the TeeVee. Especially when a pro-civil-rights gunnie adds some reason to the thread.

Even non political forums are atwitter about it. Like RV groups. Those though are more balance than the politically flavored lists.

There seems to be 2 predictions on what will happen in the Parks.

1) Innocent critters and people will be shot willy nilly by drunken rednecks. Complaints about loud radios will end with gunfire. The campgrounds will be painted red with blood.

2) Nothing will change that people will see/notice.

People that think 1 don't think with their higher brain functions. People that think 2 remember the last 20 times prediction 1 was made and nothing changed. Group 1 seems to be devoid of critical thinking skills and have let a visceral emotional reaction guide their thinking. Emotions are great and all. I recommend them to everyone. Just not when forming or discussing real world policy It’s like the lefties have some mental disorder. Maybe there is pharmacological treatment for them. I hope they seek help before they hurt themselves or others.

Some pro-gun types are less than impressed, thinking this is small potatoes and shows we are losing momentum in our effort to promote freedom and inherent rights to defend ourselves with the best means available. To those that poo-poo this amendment I say:


This IS a big deal. A rule was passed allowing CCW in the Parks during the Bush administration. One of the first things the Obama bureaucracy did was repeal this executive rule. Right on top of that repeal the Republican, out of power, manage to get that rule ensconced in actual legislation, vis executive order. And the legislation is more generous than the original rule. Pro 2A types moved the ball forward, suffered a setback, and immediately came back and swatted away the tyrants. It didn’t take years or decades to regain the lost ground, it took months. It’s a very positive development considering and out of favor minority was able to accomplish this. We are on offense, and winning, despite appearing to be political underdogs. And with what is possibly to most rights hostile Legislative and Executive opposition we have ever gone up against.

The next step is to gain new ground in whole new areas against the same opposition, not just slap aside encroachments on the old ground. That takes a bit more time but if it is managed our side’s recent optimism is justified. But we can never relax the vigil. Not until encroaching the the 2nd Amendment is as unthinkable as encroaching on the 3rd. You never hear about groups TRYING to get the government to board troops in our spare bedrooms these days, do you?

[and the abhorrent Credit Card part would have passed without the gun amendment, so there was little to be done about that, this time.]

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