Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Newsweek, the once mighty weekly, the Chrysler of news magazines tweets this:

So, in September, when the law goes into effect, of 2015, Texans will for the first time be allowed to have guns indoors.  Is that it?

Here let me take a screenshot in case the delete it.

Layers of editorial oversight. And knowledge of the topics they report on.

Now, what they might mean is that some college campuses will allow carry indoors. I believe before this you could carry on campus, just not under a roof. So when a parent visits their kids dorm room they don't have to unholster and trunk their pistol. It will be legal to let CCW folks do that. But the college itself can still restrict a building on campus, just the state won't.

But Newsweeks is still moronic.

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Windy Wilson said...

What Robert Heinlein said about Time Magazine, I can and do say about Newsweek: on two occasions I was close to something they wanted to cover in their magazine. On both occasions they got it wrong.