Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fun Show Find

So, I've been looking for a lefty friendly .308 hunting rifle since I began this blog.  I kinda had my heart set on a Winchester Model 88, though the right left handed bolt action would work.  Or the Steyr Scout Rifle if it every had come in left handed configurations. 

I even already had a spare Winchester magazine.

Well, none of those guns found me at the Fun Show.  A Savage 99 found me.  This one, to be exact.

Huh?  Not shabby.  Apparently it was supposed to be JayG's rifle, as when he heard about it he cursed my name.  The scope on top is just fine.  A fixed power Weaver with a square-ish lens in the back.  It feels like I am looking at a TV display.  I think it is 4x.  Model K4W.  I think they are known as Wide Angle.  Great reticle.  Happens to be my preference

Oh, and 3 magazines came with.  Price:  just shy of $700 after taxes tags and title.

We went straight to the gun range to test it out.  Dammit.  The fourth shot I got a Failure to Eject.  The gun was a little dry, and I was a little hesitant with my working of the action.  After getting it home a cleaning rod tappa tappa tappa got the spent shell out of the chamber, a thorough cleaning and lubing was next, then testing by chambering and ejecting without firing, point the rifle in a safe direction.  "Work the lever like you mean it T-Bolt and it will go ok."  Good advice.  I'll check again at the range this weekend with any luck.

The 3 rounds it fired showed it was nigh close to zero already so, I may not monkey with that. 

Finish is above 90%.  It's light and handy and thus has a bit of a kick to it, but I am no longer bothered by that. 

Here is a pic of JayG when he learned about my score.  He seems kinda mad.


Gregory Milewski said...

Gotta work that lever vigorously, you won't hurt it. I like the older models with the internal rotary mag and brass round counter. A classic, and classy, deer rifle for sure.

Old NFO said...

As I said, great find! And to heck with Jay, he can find his own! LOL

Anonymous said...

You can put me in the same camp as JayG. I now hate you.

Excellent find!

Bradley said...

To be fair, it was 'his' rifle, and then you teased him about it, and yeah he needed to be teased about it.