Saturday, June 6, 2015

Goin to the Fun Show

What do I need, let's see...

I need 4 PMAGs and I can't get 11+ rounders in Maryland.

I'd like a Winchester Model 88 in .308.

I'd love to point and laugh at a Hipster Nazi.  Loser.  Trivia question:  What is the source of explosives for 95% of the various flavors of domestic terrist groups?  Answer:  The FBI.  ZING!

I want jerky.

Maybe some ammo. 

1 comment:

Bradley said...

You can tell who the feds are at gun shows, they are the ones that want you to break the law.

you can tell if they are FBI or ATF-E by the crime they want you do to, if its a bank its the FBI, if its a Bomb, its the ATF-E(that will get the explosives from the FBI).