Thursday, June 25, 2015

President O'Malley

So, when President O'Malley is our boss in the Whitehouse, what can we expect from him, gun wise?

Well, he WANTS to ban all guns.  Confiscate all 300,000,000 in civilian hands.  But like grandpa always said, "Want in one hand, poop in 'tother and see which one fills up first."

Even with a Democrat legislative majority he won't get that.   He'll go for what he can.  He is a politician, at heart, after all.

So, what signals can we expect from him based on past performance?  He will try to get nationwide what he has done in Maryland, of course.  Magazine size limits.  'Assault weapons' bans.  He'll try to get those already owned not grandfathered in, but that will be his Arnhem bridge.  Other little things.  This law, when passed, will be exceedingly hard to enforce so it will be yet another Democrat blow at the rule of law.

Just wanted to tell youse all what to expect with this next President.  No more ARs.  Except HBARs.  Oh, and you can still buy uppers of any variety, of course.  But when you buy the AR it will be attached to a heavy barrel.  It's a sop to varmint hunters on the Eastern Shore here.   Later, the "Internet Upper Purchase Loophole" will be something for the Dems to whine about.  When they figure that all out.  They really haven't yet here in this state.  They'd really not deal with gun control if they can avoid it.

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ProudHillbilly said...

Screw them. Buy what you want in cash and in private.