Friday, June 12, 2015


This IS kind of a big deal.

Removing the sporting clauses from the 1968 law is the right thing to do.  The Second Amendment is not about hunting, after all.  Or target shooting, or action shooting.  Those are just happy side effects.


I doubt the bill will go very far.  It's more of a sop to us gunnies.  Keep us placated.  Obama would veto this as a standalone and then ~SHAZAAM!~ what some thought was a veto proof bill suddenly doesn't have the votes to override.  I know this, you know this.

Heck they should offer MORE in the bill, since it isn't going anywhere.  Make CCW as reciprocal as Drivers Licenses.  I mean, they let people from my state into other states despite how lazy the driver's test is.  Recently they took the parallel park requirement off of the examination.  And you know how bad the drivers from my state are if you ever happened to notice us on the road NOT parking.  Maryland drivers are a menace, yet there aren't road blocks on the Pennsylvania state line to turn us back like there should be.  Au contraire, there is a fireworks store put there specifically for us.  Pennsylvanians aren't allowed to buy there, silly. 

But a sop to gunnies also makes people declare where they stand.  No big deal on regular members, but the ones on the margins...  We get them more B&W instead of haze gray.  And it's a foundation for later.  "You voted for this exact bill during the Obama admin, you should vote for it during the Perry admin.  See?"


Bob said...

Hey, T-Bolt: plenty of FEG Hi-Power surplus turn-ins at a good price for gunsmithing projects!

Angus McThag said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one cynical about this bill.