Monday, June 1, 2015

Holler Point Bullets

What we need is self ammunition that shoots one of them face huggers from Aliens.  That would be good.  It's have to be in a .45 caliber as those things are pretty big.  But they can self-correct their course and it only takes one to incapacitate the bad guy.  Non deadly, too.  Well, at first.  Two days later, though...

It'd be the best thing since Black Talons.  They had to take those off the market.  Too dangerous.  They'd shoot through schools and then kill all the orphans with photogenic disabilities in the rundown Mission on the other side, sparing only the children whose disabilities, frankly, made them much harder to look at.  They were extremely expensive and they couldn't get the sales volume up high enough to justify the product line.

Hydro Shocks were also superior, but they took them off the market at about the same time. Replaces them with these HydraShok things that are just a knockoff of the original.  Like my Somy color television.  It had color, alright.  Black, white, a sickly green, and this salmon shade.  Hated that TV.  Replaced it with a Sangsung. 

Anyway.  The original Hydro Shock would strike the victim and cause a shock wave in all the water in their body, plus all the water in like a 7 or 8 foot radius, causing the body to burst into steam in a flash.  Quite impressive.  The manufacturer got sued and they withdrew the round.  Not because of its danger but because people wanted to get compensated for gargantuan cleaning bills. 

Tam will confirm all this.  Just ask her.

If you still own some Hydro Shocks or Black Talons you might want to think of selling em.  A box of 20, unopened, will go for thousands of dollars in the back room area of your local gun show.  You know what I'm talking about.  That area where they sell full auto conversion kits for lever action rifles and Dum-Dum rounds condemned by the good folks of Geneva and row after row of fine bespoke Loopholes, all out of the sight of prying Liberal eyes.

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