Friday, June 19, 2015


The surgeon is going after the cancerous tumor he know he will find, but when he opens the patient up the body is riddled with tumors over multiple organs that he just closes him up and prepares the 'make your arrangements, you don't have long' speech.

That's what I half expect to find in this model 10 revolver that's been lying around.  I may take this one to the S&W class.  Outwardly, the timing is ok.  The ejector rod is slightly out of true.  But.  When you cock the hammer you can make it drop with slight thumb pressure and your finger nowhere near the trigger.  Oops.  That can not be good.

Like 'never fire it til you fix that' not good.

Anyway.  Here is is.  Some corrosion looking stuff on the grip areas, but not so bad in the lock works.

See these screw heads?  Someone has already been inside this gun.  Probably who messed up the sear or what not.

But I can't see anything that looks grossly bad.  I half expected the highlighted part to fall out.  Firing pin block?  Anyway I don't know how to put it back in.  But Jerry Miculek made it look easy, so I have confidence he can show me.

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Sigman said...

Being able to push the hammer forward is a symptom of a worn sear IIRC, a fairly simple fix. I have no idea about the rogue part.