Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Training Sensei

Guarding myself against the "One True Gun Fu" and being loyal to a single Sensei, I think I will get some shooting training from the gunsmith, Sam.  He's got creds, he's got the facilities, and I like his teaching style.  Plus I know where his place is without using the GPS.

And I certainly need improvement in my shooting skill set.  Shave a couple strokes off my golf game, so to speak.

"Try to focus on the front sight, T-bolt.  I'm Mr. Meseeks look at me.  But also remember to squeeeeeeeeze the trigger."

"Well, which is it?  Focus on the sights or pull the trigger?"

"It's kinda both... but you also gotta grip it 20% tighter..."


I maybe a bit premature to worry about falling under an over-dogmatic Svengali sway at this early stage.  

And you can fix this 'problem' by diversifying our instructor set. 


1 comment:

Sendarius said...

... grip it 20% tighter... but only with your weak hand. :)