Monday, June 15, 2015

The List

So the Savage 99 take s really HUGE item off The List.  About all I'd want now is a .30 caliber lefty M24 equivalent.

So, of the remainder of The List, what do you want most T-Bolt?

Good question!

I wish I had gotten shotgun doubles, and not Model 11s.  Simpler.  If I need more, a rifle or a carbine is at hand.  Shotgunning never really took on me.

A DeLisle equivalent REALLY captures my imagination.  In Lefty or course.  If Ima go through all the trouble of a tax stamp I want it to be the best performing quietest suppressed gun I can get.  And .45 is what I have that would work for this. 

If I had all those bases covered somehow?  I'd have no 'want'.

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