Thursday, June 11, 2015

Only 24 hours

...before they got the dead deer.   As if an occult hand reached down from heaven and snatched the poor dear away.  Meh.  Not too shabby a response time.  They coulda said "We don't do that sort of thing" then I'd have to think all libertarian and junk. 

Since a cop shot and left it, I'd just return it to the local police station, I guess.   If he was going to trespass and do me a favor dispatching the nuisance fauna, I'd hope he'd have taken care of it himself.  What if it was a mad dog?  That's any old neighbor responsibility, too, but once you go all Atticus Finch on the rabid pooch what then?  Worst case, a bonfire would be required. 

If a cop had left it unshot and it succumbed to its wounds in the yard, lucky me.  Hmmm.   What to do? 

When I worked at the brewery we gave the spent grain to a local farmer that had a few dozen head of cattle.  Bit of a hobby farm.   This was 20 years ago.  I asked him one day what he does when a cow up and dies on him in the field.  He'd call 1 (800) DEADCOW.  1 (800) 332-3269.  They'd come and get the cow.  I think it was 'free'.  In that, they picked up the cow and kept the carcase for whatever you do with a dead cow.  Must be money in it.  Hooray private sector.

Failing that...  double bag it in contractor bags and leave it for the trash service.  Yuck all around.


Hat Trick said...

 1 (800) DEADCOW was quite l Iikely a pickup service for a rendering works. They would collect dead animals from farms to supply their raw material needs.

Old NFO said...

I think HT is right...