Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Oh Deer

And here is the deer I poached with my new rifle on my front lawn area.

No.  I don't even have the rifle home yet.  Left it at MBtGE as his house is by the range for further testing this weekend and I need to bring a case out to pack it home in.

No, according to my broken spanish this guy busted into a neighbors house though the french doors and walloped about.  The constabulary was summoned.  The deer then vacated the premises.  Apparently then managing to get hit by a car outside my domicile later in that same morning.

According to the english speaking neighbor, the cops shot it in my backyard and dragged it around front.  It's leg was broken and it was suffering.  Multiple people have contacted the local gummint to come collect the carcass.

You can see the broken leg, injured jaw, and where the cop capped it behind the ear if you embiggenate this.


Robert Fowler said...

Too bad you weren't there when it was fresh. Tasty. I would have filled my freezer.

Glenn B said...

If the police actually killed it and left it there, it amazes me (or at least amazes my dated sense of what is right and decent) that they did not have the professionalism, courtesy, decency or concern over pubic safety (leaving a carcass there to rot could cause a public safety issue) to remove the carcass. Then again, with today's police forces, almost nothing really amazes me.

All the best,

burkdoggy said...

Will there be a riot? Seems speciesist.