Wednesday, February 1, 2017

26th January Range

More of the same.  Some failures, though.  FTE.  The next round was chambering, but the spent case was there above it holding the slide open by a .22 case length.

Figure that mean the dirty gun is slowing down and the spring, which isn't that robust to start, is fighting the crud.  So... Lubed it. 

48 shots.  First shot was number 1618 in the log book.  Failure on # 1637 and #1641.  Stopped at 1665. 

Shot were in fours.  Three sets.  Vertical line.  Circled hole.  Horizontal line.  Then the stuff in the center all in one go.  Bleh.  Double bleh.

Today, must call to get further instruction today.  Do it.

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