Friday, February 10, 2017

Firearm Operating Systems

Or manual of arms.

1911 is different from Striker Fired is different from DA/SA.

M1 Garand, M14, M1 Carbine are similar, but not the same.  Same charging handle feel, yes.  The carbine has that different safety.  The Garand has the en-bloc, and the mag release is different on the Carbine and M14.

And the AR is vastly different than those 3.    

Limit the ammo AND limit the OS's is my general motto.  Maybe if I could go back...  Start from scratch...  Just ARs and Glocks.  There are worse things.  And I would have saved SO much money!

But the Striker Fired pistol is so easy to transition to.  So there is less hesitation going from 1911 to striker.  In my meager experience.  And I'd get a striker fired gun now...

My gunnie evolution is matching other people.  I am just behind, taking up the rear.  Maybe 5 or 6 years out.

But I'd eschew other OSs.   The DA/SA thing, for example.  I sold my DAK.  I sold my spare 1911.  I complicated the arsenal with 5.56 and 9mm, but I simplified it with eliminating .40.

As for Double Action... I think I'll only go for S&W revolvers, and no other types, semi or otherwise.  Watch, now a nice Colt revolvers will fall out of the sky on me.  

Why did I go on and on about this?  Just thinking aloud.  Getting things straight in my head by typing it out.   Sorry to submit you to all this.

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Mack Culverhouse said...

The gunfighter of lore often carried a lever gun and a revolver in the same caliber for simplicity. If you're not hunting anything bigger than deer then a Glock and AR platform are all you really need.