Friday, February 24, 2017

Range, 23 Feb '17

So, not too bad.

I mentioned last time I was missing one little detail.

Corrective lenses.

And I seem to shoot a bit better.  I can actually SEE the target and don't have to wind it back in to know how I did.  Crazy!  Being able to see quarter inch holes, 25 feet away.  One failure to eject on the last round of the magazine, #40.  90 shots total, CCI mini-max.  Sets of 10, top left to bottom right. 

I was getting tired by the end, I guess, based on the drift-off increasing.  I encircled the inital 10 and shot another 10.  Seven of those were inside the initial 10.  So, if I was tired it wasn't hurting the grouping.  One target, #5, I squeezed the support hand a little bit extra, just to see.  Opened up the group.  Another target, #3, I went for a bit faster pace.  Opened up the group. 

I think I am getting a more centered group when I get more finger on the trigger and sorta drag the trigger to the left.  And tighter groups when I don't do that.  

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Old NFO said...

You're still improving, which is good! :-)