Saturday, February 25, 2017

A whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

I was re-watching JAWS again.  Hadn't see it on my current larger TV with HD and all that, and what with new glass for TV watching... I caught an extra detail.

Some rude yahoos catch a big shark and they all figure that it's the baddie and there is publicity that the crisis is over and all and the yahoos wanna know what kind of shark it is.  Hooper, the super-rich hippy marine biologist tells them it's a Tiger!  And like the slack-jawed, gibbering, Red Sox rooting morons respond with the rejoinder:

"A whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"

But that's not the important bit.  Hooper is making some measurement and recording them.  And I notice a small little thing:

The pencil in his mouth is a Palamino Blackwing #602, 'half the pressure, twice the speed.'  Hemingway's favorite pencil.  Hooper is a proto-hipster from 1975.  If he had a premium double ax he never swung at a log it would be complete.

It's a good pencil, if you are a hipster or not.

Never would have seen that with the cathode ray tube TV. 

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