Sunday, February 19, 2017


Another liberal enclave, another report of a person with an Assault Rifle.

And she's a school librarian so now there is a call to ban ANY teacher from ever owning a gun.  We shouldn't let em vote, neither!  Or be given a trial by jury!  Why did we let gov't employees have any rights?

Like before, I doubt that this is an assault rifle.  Care to wager, Melkorka Licea and Susan Edelman, Journalists (TM) extraordinaire? 

By the looks of that mag well, looks like pistol caliber carbine, too.  Those things are selling pretty good lately.  Anyway, bet the farm it's not a machine gun.  Leave the poor librarian alone, pants wetters.

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Pumice said...

As a teacher I could go for denying teachers the right to vote, unless they own a gun. That would take enough out of the pool that the Republicans might take California next time around.

Grace and peace