Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump report, 1 month in...

What?  It didn't have to be totally AWESOME?  Put the Johnson away, there are ladies present.  All the right people have lost their fudge so bad that they may never find it again.  Bill Kristol, man...  Dude.  Someone look in on him before he harms himself.

What else has he done?

Well, it's only been a month.  But of the things he has actually done, there is nothing bad in it from where I sit.  Short circuited some liberal executive orders.  Yeah, that's ok.  Fine by me as a semi-disinterested and entertained outside observer.

"What about all his CRIMES?!"


"What about this horrible things he said?"


"He hasn't repealed Obamacare!"

A month.   Try to relax some.  Or this will be an exhausting 8 years for you.

"It turns out he is better than Ronald Reagan!"

Now the other side.  I'll say it again...  A MONTH.  Fer criminy.

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