Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Live Fire Training 4th FEB

Sam brought my Hardcore.  Still waiting on Caspian to send more magazines and then he'll have to tune those to the gun, so he 'has' it at the shop.  But what the heck, lets train some with my new gun.

Shot 90 rounds of .22 and 50 rounds of AE 9mm.  2 .22 failures on one mag on the last round FTE.  Only the same last round on Magazine #1 with the 9mm.  Still haven't got that one tuned.  Target at 10 feet.

Two things.  Relax more.  On recoil I am 'catching' at the top of the muzzle flip and trying to force it back in line.  It would be faster to let the gun come back on its own.  So I tried to relax that a bit more. 

And Sam is noticing self-correction that I am doing without even thinking it.  He had me do string with a certain cadence, then speed that cadence up.  Apparently I am learning good if I can fix myself on the run without even knowing it.  The next thing is to just do it right and rarely even need to subconsciously fix myself.  How did I fix myself?  I fall off high and right or low and right and then move back to the center, all by improving he fundamentals, but not falling off the cadence.  It was a good session.

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